CAA Ed Mirvish Theatre

The CAA Ed Mirvish Theatre opened in 1920 as a combination vaudeville and motion picture house and subsequently operated for over 50 years in various configurations as a cinema complex only. During the late 1980s the movie complex was gutted and rebuilt as a live performance theatre, with the lobby areas painstakingly restored to the original 1920s design. It reopened in 1989 as the Pantages Theatre with a production of The Phantom of the Opera, which went on to play there for 10 years. It later became the Imperial Theatre, and then the Canon Theatre, before being renamed in honour of Ed Mirvish by his son David in 2011. In September, 2021, Mirvish Productions signed a new 10-year partnership with CAA South Central Ontario that includes naming rights and the theatre became the CAA Ed Mirvish Theatre.

In November, 2021, major renovations began to prepare the theatre for the presentation of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which opened in May, 2022. To create a more intimate, immersive experience, the theatre has been reduced from 2200 seats to 1600 by inserting faux walls to slim down both levels, and shorten the mezzanine by several rows. The two aisles that previously ran the length of the theatre on each side of the centre orchestra have now been combined into one aisle down the centre. The entire theatre, including the beautiful ceiling, has been repainted and custom-designed features including light features, trims and Potter wallpaper added.