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Were you at one of Toronto’s major (approximately 1000+ seats) theatres recently? How was the view from your seat? Often theatre-goers return to the same theatre regularly to see their favourite type of performance (ballet, symphony) and become well acquainted with the seating, but when buying tickets for a show at an unfamiliar theatre are faced with the same questions as anyone else attending for the first time: How is the rake (slope) in the orchestra level seating? Will I be able to see clearly over those ahead of me? I’m quite short, will I be able to see over the safety railing if I sit in the front row of the mezzanine? I’m quite tall, is the legroom better in some sections than others? Is the balcony too high and steep for someone afraid of heights to enjoy?

We look forward to our readers contributing reviews of where they sat so that we can compile a database of the seating in Toronto’s theatres. If your’re a theatre-going regular, we hope you’ll share your expertise with others. If you’re new to a theatre, we hope you’ll find our site helpful.

To submit a review, just complete the form on the appropriate theatre’s page. Don’t forget that sometimes the details are important: If you couldn’t see over the person ahead of you, is it because you’re 5’2″ and he was 6’5″? If you felt the legroom was tight, is it because you’re that 6’5″ person? All reviews are subject to editing. New and helpful information will be added to the appropriate theatre’s listing and photos of your view are welcome.