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Welcome to Theatre Loon.

We are a couple of theatre and ballet loving individuals living in the GTA who have created this site as a helpful resource for all those attending the theatre in Toronto.

We look forward to our readers contributing detailed reviews of where they sat so that we can compile a database of the seating in Toronto’s major (approximately 1000+ seats) theatres. If you’re a regular visitor to a certain theatre, please share your expertise in a review, or several! If you were just there for the first time, let everyone know what you thought. If you’re planning on visiting soon and looking for seating advice, we hope you’ll find the site helpful. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and if you’d like to submit a photo of the view from your seat for our individual theatre galleries, there is a link provided on each gallery page. Please don’t forget the details: theatre, section, row, and seat no.

We Loons are not associated with any theatre or performance group, and we don’t plan to write reviews here. We won’t be providing an in-depth list of all the many productions taking place in Toronto in any given month at this time either. Rather, we hope you will leave a comment in the What’s On section providing our readers with brief reviews of the shows and performers you enjoyed recently and recommend seeing.

In the general Blog section we’ll be offering posts on a variety of topics and invite you to join in the conversation. Please follow us there for upcoming discussions on favourite shows and performers, writers and choreographers, movies and even books. Perhaps there will be an opportunity to share your memories of favourite theatre moments, both funny and touching. Maybe there will be some fun facts and polls, who knows?

Stay tuned.

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